Time Series Analysis with Facebook Prophet

Time series analysis is a powerful technique to generate forecasts with seasonal data.

11 min read Ben Hayes

Data sets contain noise but with high-powered or elegant data science, the relevant signal can be extracted. One key technique for analysis of real-world data (primarily focused on forecasting) is time-series analysis. A popular time-series forecasting procedure is Facebook's open-source Prophet procedure. Prophet is implemented in both R and Python.

Thank you, Carnegie Mellon University!

An expression of gratitude and summary of experience from one of Carnegie Mellon's latest graduates.

10 min read Ben Hayes

Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College offered a unique opportunity to jointly study public policy, management, and data analytics. The coursework covers topics ranging from machine learning, deep learning, econometrics, and optimization to organizational design and decision-making. Continue reading to learn why I am glad I enrolled.

What's Cooking? Cuisine Classification

Using only ingredients, learn how to classify recipes into cuisines using Python, classification methods, clustering methods, and Sci-kit Learn.

14 min read Ben Hayes

While seemingly a trivial task, classifying recipes into cuisines and understanding how to interpret clustering and classification results can help you creatively answer other questions. Continue reading to learn how.