About Me

Solving problems, making big data seem small.

1 min read Ben Hayes

All views on my website are my own and do not represent the organizations I work with unless clearly stated.

💼 Currently, I am a Solutions Architect with Databricks, the Data+AI Company. Plainly, I help organizations large and small deliver value and impact by leveraging data and AI. Before joining Databricks, I served clients as a Senior Data Scientist and consultant with McKinsey / QuantumBlack. Prior to returning to graduate school, I worked as a Technology Consultant at Deloitte Consulting where I became fascinated with data science, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

📚 I earned my Master’s (M.S.) from Carnegie Mellon University and my Bachelor’s (B.S.) from the Pennsylvania State University. Outside of work, you may find me reading Kaggle submissions, reading science fiction, riding my bicycle, or playing pick-up soccer. Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in working on an interesting project or just to have a chat!